2020 Mission Appeal

2020 Mission Appeal: Global Partners, Running Waters

Global Partners: Running Waters, Inc.  is an affiliated ministry of the School Sisters of Notre Dame, whose mission is to build relationships through collaboration on water, food, health and education projects in rural Latin America, especially in Guatemala.  Their present project is in Tintuleu bringing water to 563 families. The project is currently on hold because workers are in a stay at home order.  

The next water project is in the village of Las Joyas, Joyabaj. However, because of the desperate need at this time, the people are asking for food assistance. The communities are facing many challenges due to the increased poverty within the region, many live on less than $2 a day. Many people do not have a steady income, and now, with travel restrictions, closures, and a curfew, they no longer have work, leaving them unable to care for their families.

Today, Global Partners is asking you to consider helping the food relief efforts. A donation of $27 will help provide food for a family of 6 for 20 days. Working together we build relationships, bring hope and make God’s love visible. Thank you for your assistance and sacrifice.     Click here to make a donation to Global Waters.


Global Partners; Running Waters Group 19 from World Mission on Vimeo.

2020 Missionary Cooperation Plan Appeal Video for
Global Partners; Running Waters, Group 19

A note from the Mission Group:
The included video is of a water project funded by members of the Archdiocese in the past. Our next project in Las Joyas is similar. However, because of Covid 19, this year we are appealing for food relief for the areas in Guatemala where Global Partners: Running Waters works.