Important Information


What You Need to Know as the Catholic Comeback Continues (updated 30 November 2021)

The following changes have taken place at Masses, in accordance with the latest Catholic Comeback Matrix, issued by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. 


The West half of the church (=Ambo side) continues to have masks are required and as of November 27/28, each pew is now available.   The communion procession has resumed on this side of the church. Ministers of Eucharist will wear masks.

 Masks are optional on the East half of the church (= tabernacle side).  Though social distancing is not required, please consider that the people around you may prefer a slightly larger personal space. There is no need to crowd each other.  The communion procession will resume on this half of the church. There will be two communion stations, located in their customary places.  Ministers of Eucharist will wear masks.

It is regrettable that the division of the church into halves may displace you from the area in which you would prefer to sit. Let's consider this a small price to pay for the loosening of restrictions.  

Other minor changes will take effect over time, and will be explained if necessary. 

Common sense and common courtesy will go a long way. If you prefer not to wear a mask but find yourself for any length of time in the proximity of someone who is wearing one, please consider putting one on. Be patient with those who may forget the guidelines. Let us strive to outdo one another in showing respect.


 Daily Masses will continue to be held in the Little Brick Church.

Mass is held in the Little Brick Church at 7:45am on Tuesdays and Thursdays.   School Masses are closed to everyone except  the students and parish/school staff, until further notice.   On Fridays when there is not a school Mass, there will be a 7:45am Mass in the Little Brick Church, with the exception of First Fridays, when Mass will instead be at 6:30pm.

Confessions are by appointment only.  Please call the parish office to make an appointment, 414-762-4200 ext. 20.

If you feel ill or have flu-like symptoms, please stay home from Mass.