Gospel Reflections

Weekly Gospel Reflections


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November 22, 2020:  Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

First Reading: Ezekiel speaks of God as the “shepherd” who will tend to his flock with great care and discerning judgment. What is this teaching us about God’s divine nature?

Second Reading: Paul reveals to the Corinthians the divine place of the resurrected Jesus Christ in God’s final plans for salvation history. As Lord of all things, including death itself, Jesus will hand over everything to God at the end of time. Does this revelation bring you comfort or distress?

Gospel: In today’s Gospel, Jesus speaks of the final judgment that will accompany his Second Coming and the end of time. Jesus describes the final judgment in the stark and contrasting terms of eternal life or eternal punishment. Why do you think so many people avoid thinking about Judgement Day?

November 29, 2020: First Sunday of Advent

First Reading:We hear today the prophet Isaiah’s internal spiritual struggle as he questions God’s ways and decries our human tendency to sin. What spiritual struggles do you need to confront as we enter into the season of Advent?

Second Reading:In his opening words to the Corinthian Christians, Paul reminds the faithful of God’s fidelity to those who believe in his Son. He then cites examples of the blessings they have received since coming to the faith. What are some blessings you have received in your faith journey?

Gospel:Jesus instructs his disciples to be vigilant for the end times. How can you make this spiritual discipline a focus of your Advent season this year?