Youth Confirmation Reflection Questions

Confirmation Questionaire and Videos

Please reflect on these questions with your Confirmation sponsor.

These are questions about the church, our parish, our Catholic faith or your opinion on a specific topic. Some of them can be answered from memory; some will require research. Some answers can be found in the parish bulletin or handbook; some can be found only by asking the right person and some can only be answered by you. (Do not call the rectory or the members of the Confirmation team for answers) If you use the internet, remember that not all information on the internet is reliable. Make sure you use reliable Catholic sources. However; you are encouraged to work with your sponsor and your family to find the answers. (Grandparents can be a wealth of knowledge)



Outward Looking

Please watch this video from St. Mary's Press and answer the following questions with your sponsor




When We Try

Please watch the video below and complete the questions with your sponsor

God Is Most Proud Of Us When We Try from Saint Mary's Press.


Let's Change the World

Please watch this short video below and submit the questions below.

Bishop Frank says in the Video:“Don’t make Confirmation graduation. Be courageous. Don’t be afraid to fail. Change the world. Don’t be afraid to try. And remember this: God is most proud of us when we try!”





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