About Us


We follow Jesus as a welcoming Catholic community of believers, fostering a life of active prayer and worship, sharing God’s word through education and action, and reaching out in service to those in need.

St. Matthew Parish has flourished for more than 175 years, and we have a long tradition of proclaiming Christ through the sacramental life of the Catholic Church, education, and outreach to the community. We have grown to a large diocesan parish of 980 families including 2957 people. We are continually strengthened by new members who bring fresh perspectives and talents, there is always plenty of work to be done!  Together with our parish staff, we have accomplished much, and in return are blessed with a rich and diverse parish life.

Like all parishes in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, St. Matthew is in the midst of deepening its relationships with other parishes and creatively adjusting to the reality of future priests. But there are many reasons to remain hopeful amid the challenges. I know we can accomplish great things by working together, united by our faith in Jesus Christ. Ours is a past to be proud of, yet at the same time, ours is a history still being written, as we work together to spread the Word of God.

We hope you will find St. Matthew a welcoming place to grow in your faith.  May God bless you!


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I Join the Parish?
Complete the registration form under the Join our Parish section of this site, visit the St. Matthew Parish office to complete a registration form, or call the parish (414-762-4200 ext. 120) to have one mailed to you.  Children are considered members under their parents’ names until they complete high school. Adults over 18 should register with the parish independently of their parents.

When are services?
Weekend: Saturday: 4:00 pm | Sunday: 10:00 am
Weekday (in the Little Brick Church): Tuesday: 7:45 am | Thursday: 7:45 am | Friday: 7:45am (No morning Mass on First Fridays or when there is a school Mass)
Confession: Saturday: By appointment - please call the parish office
First Friday of the Month: Mass in Little Brick Church 6:30 p.m.