Prayer Shawl Ministry



What is a prayer shawl? Who should have one?

Prayer shawls are lap blankets or shawls for anyone who is in need of healing prayers.  The shawls are made while praying for the person who will recieve them.  They can be knit, crocheted, sewn or quilted.


I need a prayer shawl or know someone who needs one.  How do I pick one up?

Prayer shawls can be picked up from the Religious Formation Office located in the South Wing – we have many to choose from!  There is also a basket in the gathering space with prayer shawls – both lap size and pocket size.   


How do I make a shawl?

Prayer shawls can be created at home, on your own.  

Patterns are available by going to the websites below, or contacting the Religious Formation Office.  Please call 414-762-4200 ext. 114 or email Karin Felske from the "Contact Us" tab.





I have created a shawl—what happens next?

Bring your shawl donation to the Religious Formation Office and we will take care of display and distribution.